The Uniqueness of Me By Veno Amata (Age 10)

Hello! My name is Veno Amata, the daughter of Jeta Amata. I have several things that make me unique. Let’s jump right in and start learning about the uniqueness of me!

What makes me unique is that I am African. The base of me is that I have an African cultural background. Usually whenever I go to school and in any class subject, or resource book we mention something that relates to my culture, I like to share it out! Like one time in 3rd grade, we mentioned something about one Indian speech maker. He made a speech wearing a furry kind of outfit with a “speech stick.” I raised my hand and said that sometimes people in my culture or country will wear those kinds of furry coats and use a speech stick with a mask in ceremonies. Also, Indians and I both wear the same cultural outfits that are alike. My teacher, Mrs. Bockman said that, “That was a nice cultural similarity between Indians and your culture,”

One invisible difference is I have a different lifestyle. I have a different lifestyle because I travel a lot and have experiences in the film industry because my Dad is a Director. Last summer vacation I went to Lagos, Nigeria. There my Dad shot a scene with an incredibly loud drum circle. He had a lot of cameraman and drummers. We had to film multiple shots to make the scene perfect. Then, I left for a layover in London. So many people spoke with a British accent. It reminded me of my Godfather, Nicholas who is a British actor. Also, we Africans are incorporated with the British. Then I went to Scotland to visit family and then Canada. I went to so many places in Canada that it felt like I could cooperate with any person internationally.

I have learned how to flaunt myself in what makes me unique by helping people in need. When I went to Lagos, I observed and compared how Lagos looked in the past few years. I looked at the streets, the houses, the ground and even the people. There are so many people that are homeless all over the world. They need help. Because of my Dad’s speeches, it inspires me to speak up too and help my culture. I am African and American. I understand both cultures. I can observe that Africa is losing resources. When I was six years old, I was typing a speech about people in Africa in need. And now, I can share it out with others. Africa needs water, agriculture, cement, grass, more car fuel and most of all, homes.

You know what? All this flaunting really recreates me. Having differences and being alike with different tribes, being African and American and knowing how to help and be willing to help others, including in my culture is what matters.

DHIFI Inc. congratulates Kids Flaunt Special Recognition winner Veno Amata for sharing what makes her, her!

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