When People Stare, I Wave By Grace Madden (Age 9)

Hi. My name is Grace Madden. I am nine years old and in fourth grade. I have a younger brother Mikey who is seven years old. Also, I have a crazy, but cute puppy named Buddy. Luckily at my house there is always something to do. My favorite sports are swimming and soccer. I compete in both of them. I love to read and do experiments too. My favorite foods are garlic bread and spaghetti. Now you are probably wondering, “What is your difference?” I always have bloody noses. And it can happen anywhere at any time, so by now it is very annoying but there are some good things about it too.

Of course there are some advantages about having bloody noses. I have to sit out when it happens, but sometimes it can be nice to have breaks. Also, I usually carry a pack of tissues around so when people know that I have them, I am known as the “tissue girl.” They ask for one, we start having a conversation, and then I ask my mom if I can have a play date with the person! After that we become basically best friends. Yup, having bloody noses has made me friends with people I have known since I was like three years old.

But like every difference, there are some disadvantages. Like when I do have to sit out, even though it can be nice, I usually miss things like swimming, soccer and school. This mostly happens at school but it is annoying. Also, if I am sitting out where people can see me, they just stare. Like once I had a bloody nose during my swim practice and I sat out near the door where people walk by to get to the other pool. Some people just stared while others, mostly moms, pulled their children away like I was contagious or something. I wish people could act a little better about it.

But since this has happened so many times, I have learned to flaunt it. When people stare, I wave. It is like me saying, “I don’t care if you stare. This is how my life works right now!” Until something can be done to help me with my bloody noses, I am going to live my life normally, ignore people who judge me, and flaunt it!

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