My Brother Makes Me Different and That’s The Way I Like It By Callia Kanaaneh (Age 9)

DHIFI Winner Badge_HI’m Callia Kanaaneh and you can say my name however you want to pronounce it. My brother’s name is Tim short for Hatim. He has something called rp_Kanaaneh-Callia-flaunt-it-300x199.jpg
Autism. Autism is something that makes it so he doesn’t think like you or me. He doesn’t talk like you or me. And I still love him, and nothing can change that.

A 9-year-girl like me might not want to flaunt something like this but I can’t keep my brother locked up so no one knows about him. I want him to SHINE BRIGHTLY! If you have a problem with that, then you try to take my place in the world! All I want is to have the best for my big brother. I mean, he is twelve, and sooner or later he will grow up and I can’t change that.

People treat me differently than others. Some treat me as if my brother is not so different from them. Those people are my true friends or just nice people. I’ve made friends and foes because of my brother. Some of the people I know have never seen my brother.

I’m flaunting this specific thing because I love my brother. I can’t keep him a secret like he doesn’t exist! I want to make a big shout out to my family: Mommy, Daddy, my 3-year-old sister, Zara, and Tim. Family, I love you.

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