My Beautiful Life By Kaylee Higdon Age 8

Kaylee flauntpageant1My name is Kaylee. I am 8 years old and I was born with half a left arm. But it does not stop me. I have been doing pageants since I was two. At first my mom was just putting me in them. Then she stopped until I told her I wanted to do them. I love it. I love being on stage and showing off.

My family gives me the confidence I need.  They have always told me I can do anything. They have always been here for me. I also have the best grandparents too. I have also taken dance class and now I want to take singing lessons. One day I am going to be Miss America and famous for acting or singing. It would be cool if the famous part came first.

But I also want to say God has been with me the whole time. He made me this wayKaylee2 for a reason and I am going to shine with it. I don’t want to let him down. Yes there are mean kids and grown-ups but I don’t let them stop me. I tell everyone you can do anything no matter what. And to not let bad people bring you down.

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  1. Bobbie OjedaNovember 30, 2013 at 6:37 pm #

    Your wonderful! ! I too have a little 5 year old girl missing her left hand just below her elbow. ..

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