Yin and Yang By Yasmeen Faruqui (Age 10)

As the oldest of three girls, I not only have to be a role model, but I also must take extra care of my younger sister Soraya (age seven), since she has an undiagnosed disease. When Soraya was an infant, we noticed something was different. She was delayed in both her mental and physical development, and she wasn’t eating much by mouth. Her doctors realized that Soraya needed immediate care. When she ate or drank, it went into her lungs. She received a g-tube which she continues to utilize today. She required lots of medical equipment and procedures to help her. At around three years old, Soraya was able to speak little bit and walk with assistance. She still had a long way to go. I thank every ounce of luck on Earth that we moved to Cincinnati from Chesapeake, Virginia. With Cincinnati Children Hospital on our side, Soraya has received the best care imaginable. Her mental and physical strength has improved. She is now in 2nd grade, and even with delays, Soraya is already doing math (basic computation), along with basic sight words.

Soraya may have gotten some help over the years, but she still has some major struggles. One struggle is limited distance when walking, even with braces. She must take her stroller everywhere we go that includes walking. She needs our Mom and Dad to carry her up the stairs every night. She can hardly go down to the bus stop some days. She also struggles with her understanding. She can’t tell the difference whether we tell her we are leaving now or in three days– she just thinks we are leaving. Soraya also has trouble with impulse control and regulating her emotions. She does things that she immediately regrets, but she physically can’t control it. Even with all these challenges, she still is able to persevere.

Through these struggles, my sister and I still have an unbreakable bond. My love is unconditional for her and will last forever. Soraya always, no matter what mood she is in, will allow me to be her safe person. She loves me more than anything, and I love her as well. Our bond is unbreakable because we need one another. Sometimes when Soraya is sad beyond belief, she crawls into my lap and lets me calm her. But she helps me too. I sometimes need someone to talk to, and Soraya is always there, even if she might not understand. We may be very different, but we do have similar love for Disney. One of our favorite movies is Mulan, and one of the concepts in the movie is Yin and Yang. Two totally different sides, but when they are put together make harmony. I have always found that concept matches Soraya and me. We are total opposites, in almost everything, yet when we are together, we are a bond of love.

Soraya is like my best friend that is also a sister. She makes me a better person, in so many ways. I may do something not so great to her, but she always forgives me. I may accidentally knock her down, but she always let me pick her back up. She always gives me a second chance to do better. I hope I can. No matter what, she is always kind to me, and we both know we will love each other forever, no matter what happens. She is my other half and I am her other half, but even though we are two different people, when put together, we make one. I will always be her Yin, and Soraya will always be my Yang.




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  1. Dr.ms.ZamanApril 9, 2020 at 3:51 pm #

    Most heart breaking story.Being grand parents just watch the growth of suraya.wish we could do anything.We are grateful that Yasmeen took over lots of responsibility of her parents.God bless Yasmeen and the whole family and let us know if ever do anything.Love you Yasmeen and suraya and lovely Leena and your parents.

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