Who I Am By Lili Goldberg

Lili Goldberg photoMy name is Liliana. But I go by Lili. I have a twin sister and an older sister but just by one year.  I also love to play sports.  For instance, I love to play baseball, Finalist_2016basketball and soccer. I was also born in Philadelphia, I am Jewish and I love to dance. But most of all I have Cerebral Palsy (also known as CP).

CP can be in your arms, hands, brain or spine.  For me, it ended up in my legs. CP causes someone to walk unusually. CP also causes muscle spasms. Muscle spasms feel like your legs tighten and they cramp up and then start to hurt. This can be very uncomfortable. When you have CP like I do, it is a little hard to swim and do gymnastics.

I used to feel uncomfortable about my CP and tried to hide it. Then, about a year ago, my friend asked me how I felt about my CP. I actually thought about that and the thruth is, to me it is actually a gift! I realized it is a very unique thing about me and that is when I started to flaunt my CP and not hide it.

Even though I have CP, that doesn’t hold me back from doing everything everyone else can do too. As I mentioned above, I like to play all different kinds of sports.  However, some people baby me because of my CP and I really wish they wouldn’t because I am just like everyone else, so there really is no reason to baby me.

Now I never hide my CP, I always show it. I love flaunting because I get to share my unique difference with everyone else.

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