What Makes Me, Me By Isabella Throckmorton

DHIFI RunnerUp Badge_HIsobella_ThrockmortonI know that other people have differences, but right now it’s time to talk about mine! First, I’m a kid that comes from a Spanish family. It is hard being a part of a Spanish family, if you don’t even speak Spanish! I’ve never been to any Spanish places in the world either! Next, a couple of weeks before my birthday, I got glasses! I thought it would be fine, but it wasn’t. When I went to the doctor, he checked if I was near sighted or far sighted.  And then I got eye drops and sunglasses to shield the sun from my eyes.  Last, when I came home from the hospital when I was born, my skin was turning yellow! The doctor told my parents that I needed to be by the sun so that my skin wouldn’t turn any more yellow and get back to normal. I am also allergic to penicillin so sometimes I take eye-drops and have to dab a wet towel over my eyes.  As you can see, I have many differences that make me, me!

How People Treat Me

Many people treat me different, but that doesn’t mean I should care! Many people used to make fun of me because of my hair and my eyes. I have blond hair and blue eyes and everyone else in my family has brown hair and eyes. And, once people see my mom, dad and sister, they ask if I was adopted. I say no, but then they call me names, like liar.  Sometimes kids make fun of me and look at me weirdly when I take my eye-drops. Also, at recess someone came up to me and noticed my glasses and said, “What are those things?” and began to make fun of me. It can hurt my feelings but then I cannot help but think, “So what if I have a towel over my eyes! So what if I am wearing glasses? It doesn’t matter!” Some kids even make fun of me because I have a famous great great grandpa. But I don’t care.  I just keep flaunting about him because I am proud. As you can see, some people treat me different, but I don’t care!

If someone makes fun of you, just flaunt and be proud of who you are!


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