What Makes Me, Me, By Henry Veloso, 5th Grade

Asperger’s Syndrome!   What on earth is Asperger?  It sounds like a vegetable!  It’s caused by a problem in the brain.  It makes people think and act differently from others.  In 1944, a German doctor named Hans Asperger discovered that some children behaved differently from the majority.  He named it after himself (Credit hog!)  People with Asperger’s have problems relating to others.  They find it hard to understand what other people are thinking or feeling.  And it’s hard for them to say what they are thinking or feeling.  When they explain things to you they may leave important bits out.  Often they find something that really interests them and they will become little Einstein’s in that area and will tell you about that subject over and over and over again.  In my case it’s space.  Outer space.  Hi, my name’s Henry Veloso.  I have Asperger’s.  I learned about it last summer.  My mom picked me up from pet camp and told me out of the blue that I had Asperger’s.  So let’s begin.

Unfortunately, Asperger’s has its dark sides.  I have had my fair share of punishments.  Once I had to go cold turkey with electronics because I was addicted.  A few weeks later, I was banned.  In a nutshell, I asked my Dad if I could use his iPhone at the regional spelling bee.  He relented, and I nearly left my awesome jacket because I was distracted.  Get my drift?  Asperger’s sometimes distracts me from what I need to do.

It also helps me in school.  As you may recall, my Asperger’s interest is outer space.  I also excel in math and science, and similar subjects.  My reading eval and vocabulary are beyond average, giving me an edge in grammar.  Some call me, “Conan the Grammarian!”  Topic adaptation is one of my many skills too.  Give me a few minutes, and I can figure out anyone’s favorite topic!

In short, Asperger’s enables me and disables me in many ways.  For all of you with Asperger’s out there, it’s not a disease.  It’s a gift.

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