What Makes me Different, By Naomi, 4th Grade

I am different because I no longer have grandparents.  It is very emotional for me because I did not get to meet my Grandpa on my mother’s side.  When I was five years old my Grandma passed away from leukemia cancer.  Both of my father’s parents died on the same day when I was very little which makes it much harder to talk about.

I was lucky enough to meet my Grandma.   We had a very special relationship.  She used to stay at our house a lot.  Whenever she slept over she used my room and I slept in my sister’s room.  I was very lucky to have a Grandma as special as her.  When I was younger she used to give me a lot of toys that are now in my room and I keep as a memory of her.  I plan to keep most of these toys until I grow up so I can give them to my own kids, and share all of the wonderful memories with them.  I hope they love her as much as I did.

All of this affects me because I am always the kid with no grandparents.  Whenever it is Grandparents Day at school, I always had a hard time.  Many times I asked my parents if I could stay home from school on those days.  I also know that it will be hard to watch my friends have their bar and bat mitzvah’s and see their grandparents celebrating with them and knowing that I will not have that opportunity.  Whenever I accomplish something such as winning a dance competition, staring in a school play or doing well in school I wonder if they are watching over me and if I have made them proud.  I picture them smiling down at me and for the moment I wonder if they are really there.

Although I am very often sad when I think of my grandparents and the influence they might have had on my life, I am very fortunate to have some special people in my life.  These are people who were good friends with my grandparents, close family friends and some of my great aunts and uncles.  All of these people have worked hard to help my family fill the emptiness left by my grandparents.  Many times they come to my plays and my shows and share the joy of my accomplishments.  I am glad to share these experiences with them.   I am grateful to have them in my life and that they treat me the same as they do their own grandchildren.

I really miss my Bubbe & Zeyde and Grandma and Grandpa.

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