What It is Like to Be Friends With Ethan Zucker By Javier Carmona Age 12

Javi, ethan and charlieBeing friends with Ethan is just as fun as being friends with anyone else and actually even more.  Ethan (“E”) and I met when I was three and he was two.   Ethan has one finger on each hand and his feet look different too but I don’t ever think about that.  We became Javiethanbirthdayage7instant friends the second we met.   He is my best friend and will always be. He’s funny, playful and when you are around him you know you’re going to have a great time. I never think about his difference because it’s never limited him with anything.

Even though E has a difference, he still has been able to use his hands in a way that is neater and better than me.  For example, Ethan has always been able to type and write really well.  In fact, if I put my hand writing here you would question if I was actually four years old and not twelve!  He is also great at playing basketball and most other sports as well.  As for me, I may have all my fingers and toes but I’m not exactly someone you would call “sporty” —more of a geek a nerd or anything along the lines.  But,  just so don’t make myself look too badly I’ve been able to do other things like having a knack for technology, being able to program, make games (on the computer) and science (physics, chemistry and computer science/computer engineering)!  Those are things that have nothing to do with hand abilities anyway too!

100_3513A few times on vacations and when we were smaller at school I caught people looking at E and either ask me a question or look puzzled and turn away.  I normally ignore the ones that turn away but the ones that ask questions I tell them that E is just like any other person– he just is different and if there was no difference in the world the world would bore me.

Ever since we were small we always knew that we could tell each our secrets our problems that we couldn’t even tell our parents like when Ethan had his first crush (sorry can’t tell you her name) he would talk to me for hours and hours about her (Same thing for me)!

The only thing I’ve ever asked Ethan to change about himself is not to speak as if he were a dictionary or a history book!!!   You see Ethan has the most colossal memory ever, he knows every single country in the world and capital and can 533repeat every hour of any historical day! For example, when we in Paris last month he would “read” out all the information on the Parisian conquest and glory…

IMG_0530Ethan is my best friend and in truth I don’t focus on his difference.  I just know that we will always have great memories and great adventures to conquer and explore!


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  1. AnnaMay 12, 2014 at 2:12 pm #

    Javier Carmona, you are a great writer and are very good at expressing your thoughts and feelings. Sounds like you two are pretty amazing friends to one another.

    • MegZuckerMay 15, 2014 at 9:14 pm #

      Thanks Anna! I’ll make sure Javi sees your comment!

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