We are Identical Twins! By Ella and Zoe L. (Age 10)

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Our names are Zoe and Ella and we are ten years old.  In case you were wondering, Zoe is 6 minutes older.  Since birth, we always grew at the same increments with equal height and weight each year.  Our mom says the fact that we look exactly alike and enjoy some of the same activities is where our similarities end.  Our personalities are completely different and so in addition to being twins, that is what also makes us, “us”!

Some things we like and dislike:

Ella: I love gymnastics, tennis, art, my dog Rocky, and my friends.

I hate bananas, bugs (except the Praying Mantis), red meat, mayonnaise and   being sick.

Zoe: I love my family, my dog, swimming, gymnastics, cooking, singing and dancing.

I hate bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes, being tickled, and fighting with my sister.


What makes our life experience unique from most other people we meet?

Ella: The attention!  Everyone thinks it is cool to be a twin.  Adults and random people stop to ask if we are twins.  The fun part when we go shopping is I don’t have to look in a mirror.  I just look at my sister in an outfit and know how it will look on me.  We are so identical.  We grow at the same pace, weigh the same amount each year and wear the same size clothing.  We also have the uncanny ability to pick out the same outfit from our closets without checking to see what the other sister is wearing.  We also fight a lot over everything.

Zoe: When people meet us, they have lots of questions such as; who was born first, how can I tell you apart, what is it like being a twin, and are we identical.  We also get to play pranks on people.


How does being a twin impact our lives?

Ella: It can be overwhelming.  You have a duplicate of yourself that everyone assumes is the same as you are when all you really want sometimes is to have your own identity.  The great part of being a twin is that you have a built in best friend.  I would be bored without her.

Zoe: It makes me feel special but I don’t think about it much until people ask me questions and I think about what it would be like to have a life without a twin.  She is a permanent best friend but we do fight a lot.


Why do we think it is great to be an identical twin?

Ella:  Someone is always there for you that you can rely on and trust.

Zoe: You have in a built in BFF.  Someone you can trust for life.  You also get a lot of attention being an identical twin and that can be fun at times.


Have other kids made us feel uncomfortable about it?

Ella: No, never.  Most kids are more inquisitive.

Zoe: Sometimes kids will stare but you know why they are staring.


How does it make us feel when strangers, friends or teachers can’t tell us apart?

Ella: I don’t blame them and it doesn’t bother me.  I know secrets for how to tell other twins apart.

Zoe: Most people apologize but I don’t mind it.


What do we wish everyone knew?

Ella: How awesome it is to be a twin.  It is really no different than being a regular person other than you always have someone with you. I actually think it would be more awesome to be a triplet!

Zoe: That I don’t really think about it much.  It is just my life.

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    wow i wish i had i a twin

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