DHIFI Programs Spotlight: Learn more about our youth ‘Flaunt It’ Programs

Don’t Hide It, Flaunt it 2020

Miss America promo video

Shaquem & Shaquill Griffin Flaunt It Award acceptance:

Shaquille O’Neal Flaunt It Award acceptance:

Wallace Shawn Flaunt It Award acceptance:

Jazz Jennings Flaunt It Challenge:

Jazz Jennings, LGBT activists speaking about accepting their awards.

DHIFI Story Behind the Kids Flaunt Contest by Meg Zucker

We hope it will give you all further context regarding why we started our Kids Flaunt contest with Scholastic.

January, 2018

Kids Flaunt Contest Promo Video
DHIFI Inc. and Scholastic partnership essay contest for 4th graders
September, 2017

US Embassy-Tel Aviv Distinguished American Speaker
February 20, 2015

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Scholastics Storyworks
October 2011