I am Unique By Emma Randle-Zeglis (Age 9)

I’m unique. My name is Emma Randle. I am nine years old. I have a brother and a sister. But you should know what makes me, me. First, I have something called Aspergers. This is when I talk a lot and I sometimes boss people around. Next, I also make people laugh by doing comedy jokes. Finally, I am creative, smart and cheerful.

Now I will tell you my outside differences and my inside differences. First, on the outside I wear different clothes every day and I wear my hair in a ponytail sometimes too. Next, on the inside you know that I have Aspergers, right? Well I have told very few people about this but I had to do something called OT. OT is where me and a therapist play with putty, make candy crafts, play catch and do yoga. I did this for only two years when I was three and when I was five. It really influences my life because some people see who I am. Some people don’t. But I see myself all the way.

An example of my Aspergers is when I accidentally yelled at my brother to give me the T.V. remote. He told on me and I had to go to my room. I had time to think about when I yelled at my brother.  I felt my like celebrating my differences so I turned on my radio and danced until dinner was ready.

So, I hope you enjoyed my differences!

DHIFI Inc. congratulates Kids Flaunt Special Recognition winner Emma Randle-Zeglis and for sharing what makes her, her!

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  1. KristinFebruary 12, 2018 at 4:29 pm #

    Emma I am so proud of you for being brave and celebrating your differences! Great work.

    Mrs. Paulius (:

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