Two Little Puppies By Connor Kass (Age 6)

Hi! My name is Connor Kass. Nice to meet you all! My sister Chloe and I are both six-years-old. I love her very much! Last year Chloe got sick. She has AFM (Acute Flaccid Myelitis). AFM is an illness that causes swelling of the spinal cord that is believed to be caused by a virus. It is considered a rare condition that causes various degrees of quadriplegia. 

She got AFM near our birthday in September 2018. She stayed in the hospital for a long time. I missed her. I would visit her in the hospital and feel sad that she could not come home. I am glad she is home now and getting better. She is brave! She has a breathing tube called a ventilator to help her breath. I like her power chair that helps her move around. I have tried her wheelchair and it is fun! Chloe is a better driver than me! I don’t know how she learned so quickly to use the power chair but she did! I always ask permission before I use her power chair. She is getting help from doctors and Physical therapists. I go to the visits to hold her hand and tell her what a good job she is doing. I tell her, “You can do it!” Chloe works really hard to get better. She can move her head a little now. She can also wave her hands. I like to play games with her. We play card games. We make up our own games too. We play with our toys and make up stories about them. We also like to play, “Two little puppies” and we make up all sorts of things they do! We sometimes get silly and sing and dance. We make up our own words to songs and always laugh because we make it funny. I guess basically, we do all the same things we use to play before Chloe got sick.

I love my sister very much!! I am glad she is home and feeling better!!


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  1. Sue CierzanApril 1, 2019 at 7:59 pm #

    Connor, I like your story very much!! I bet Chole likes it too . The best thing about being a brother is that you will always have a sister that loves you very much!

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