Things That Make Me Different By Micah Feigelson

micah-f-11-17-16Hello.  My name is Micah Feigelson. I am eleven years old and from Skokie, Illinois. There are a couple of things that make me different.

One thing is that I have athlete’s foot.  Having athlete’s feet makes me different because my feet get itchy more than most people. An example of why this makes me unique is at camp. I have to spray my feet with a special spray.  People ask me, “Micah, why are you spraying that spray on your feet?” I always reply he same way. “It is simple. I have athlete’s foot and I tell them that is ok.”

Another thing that makes me different is that my grandparents are divorced.  This makes me different than what my friends experience because I can only have one of my grandparents come to our house and visit at a time.

People still treat me the same even though I have athlete’s foot and my grandparents are divorced.  Even if kids say I am weird because of it, I tell them nobody then is normal because no one is the same anyway.  That is how I flaunt my differences.


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