The Things That Make Me, Me! By Giada Leigh (Age 9)

Giada LeighHello my name is Giada, and I’m nine years old. Here are the things that make me, me! I have brown curly hair, and I’m bircial. That can mean many rp_DHIFI-RunnerUp-Badge_H-300x263.jpgthings, but for me it means my dad is black and my mom is white. I really don’t care what’s on the outside. I care what’s on the inside.

Most kids treat me fine, even though I’m biracial, but some kids don’t. For example, they say I look adopted or I’m so ugly that I shouldn’t even come to school. But, I don’t listen to them. Some people call them ‘haters,’ but I call them motivators.

The way I flaunt what makes me unique is being proud of who I am as a person today because of all of the history of my ancestors. One more thing, it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside because we are all the same.

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