The Things That Make Me Different By Conor Webb

Conor WebbHello.  I am Conor, and I’m here to tell you what is different about me. For starters, I have arachnophobia. Basically, it’s where you have a very large, orrp_DHIFI-RunnerUp-Badge_H-300x263.jpg even gigantic fear of spiders. I’m scared of them, and not just one type of spider. I am afraid of almost every spider in the world, even if they are on pictures. But that is not my only difference. I also can cry very easily, even if it is the smallest thing. I’m also very serious, worry a lot, and am a bit sarcastic! Oh, and did I mention I am very smart? Sometimes that makes me feel different too.

Kids treat me like I know everything because of my intelligence, and some even look to me for guidance. Sometimes it makes me feel like a peacemaker, which I like.  However, others try and scare me about my fear of spiders and take their hands and make them crawl up my back. That always gives me a big chill up my spine. Minutes later, I feel as if they’re crawling up me again. Luckily, I forget about it and go about my business again. I worry a lot, don’t I? I told you so!

What I also consider myself unique about myself is that I don’t actually act like a boy or a girl. I don’t like basketball, or ponies, or anything like that. However, there are other things I do like that others kids like too, whether they are boys or girls. In this case, I use this to my advantage since I have many things in common with either. Basically, I can be friends with anyone if I put my mind to it!  I believe that if everyone were the same it would be extremely boring.

In conclusion, I am very unique in many ways, from intelligence to arachnophobia. Most importantly though, I can be who I want to be!

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