The Quiet Me, By Maggie Hanson, 4th Grade

I have always wondered what makes me, Me!  All the things I am someone else is too.  Then I realized that my whole life I never talk in a loud voice.  When you first meet me, I speak to you in a quiet voice until I get used to you.  It takes me a couple of steps to finally talk to you in a normal voice.  A lot of teachers and people think I am going to be talkative because my sister Kate is very talkative.  I am not.

I sometimes feel uncomfortable being quiet.  When someone says, “You can scream at me!” or “It’s okay I won’t bite,” it gets me annoyed because they think I am shy but I am really just quiet.  Once when I was in 1st grade I was bothered by boys.  I was so quiet that I could not speak for myself, so my sister had to do it for me.  I wasn’t embarrassed I was just silenced because I didn’t know the boy and how to respond.  Sometimes I can’t face problems without being quiet, but sometimes I can.  For example, in “lockdowns,” I am the quietest kid in the whole class.

Being quiet has been difficult in ways.  I have grown to live with it because I just try and talk in the way I usually would talk and just go with the flow of things.  When they ask me over and over, “What did you day>” I just repeat again until they hear me or someone next to me says it for me.

I am quiet but that doesn’t mean I don’t learn as much.  When I am quiet I take in more information.  It’s not a disadvantage to be quiet because you learn as much, but you do it in a different style.

If you know how this feels and you are just getting used to it, don’t worry if someone keeps on saying, “What did you say?”  It’s normal if you’re different.  Everyone is different.  Your being quiet makes you, you!  Being quiet makes me, me!

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