The Quiet Leader By Cyrus Zahiri (Age 11)

My name is Cyrus Zahiri. I am 11 years old and I am going into 6th grade at Curtis School. I love to play tennis, golf, and basketball in my spare time. I also enjoy playing the piano and saxophone, and performing in the school choir. I also really like learning in school. However, sometimes I can be quiet in the classroom. At school I don’t talk as much as other students in my class, but I am still just as smart as them. When I am at home I talk a lot and am a lot louder than I am at school. This is because I feel more comfortable with my family and know that I can just relax. Unlike everyone in my class, learning is my priority and I know that I have to focus and learn as much as possible.

A lot of people have made fun of me or thought that it is weird that I barely talk in class. This could make me upset but instead I choose to ignore them and be my same, quiet, self. Fortunately, I know many of my friends respect me for being me. I know when it’s time for school and when it’s time for fun, which is what a lot of kids can struggle with. Being quiet also has a lot of advantages. For example, it is what makes me a good listener, a leader and a strong student. Even though I can be quiet, I can also be very productive and determined. Also, on the tennis court or basketball court I help my teammates without having to be too bold, too competitive, or too loud!

Being quiet is what makes me, Cyrus Zahiri, me. Instead of hiding my difference, I would like to flaunt it. This is because I know how my being a quiet leader is actually my greatest strength and hopefully other kids will follow my lead!

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