The Lazy Eye! By Maya Ramachandran, 4th Grade

I always drag myself to the bathroom to brush my teeth in the morning.  There are mirror doors so I can see myself.  My left eye slides to the left instead of staying straight ahead.  My right eye stays where it is supposed to stay.  I don’t even know when it is doing it—except when somebody tells me or when I am in front of a mirror.  This sticky situation is called “a lazy eye.”

On a chilly winter day in third grade, it was indoor recess.  I was reading a book called Happy.  As I read the last word of this book, I stood up, brushed myself off and went to color with my friends.  There were three girls and a boy sitting at my table.  My good friend Maggie smiled at me and went right back into her book.  I sat at my desk and grabbed a paper and a pencil.  (I do not like using colors—it messes everything up!)  I drew a whale that had a cool body shape.  I felt a pair of eyes on me at one point.  I looked up.  I saw the boy staring at me.   “What are you looking at?” I asked him.  He bit his lip obviously not wanting to answer.  After what had seemed like a million hours, he grinned and said, “He alien eyes!”  My cheeks were as red as a fire-truck by then.  My jaw clenched.  But I laughed because I did not want it to seem as if I was offended.

That was one time I felt uncomfortable with my difference.  Another time in fourth grade I was having art class.  I was not aware of my lazy eye attack.  The art teacher was teaching us about mixed colors.  “This is so cool!”  I thought eagerly as I wanted to learn more.  “Pay attention!” said the art teacher.  For some reason my eyes decided to be normal again.  It was so embarrassing because kids kept glancing at me.  My cheeks turned purple from anger.  That was another time I was uncomfortable with my lazy eye difference.

I grew up to accept this difference by making a non-hurtful joke when people question me.  Questioning is something people do.  The color of my eyes (sea green and hazelnut) makes them not notice my lazy eye.  One time in Marshalls my mom and I were picking out summer sandals.  A complete stranger came up to me and says this:  “Darling, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!”  Anyway this difference helps me too!  I can see two things at once!  It is so cool!

Now all lazy eyes people don’t be afraid of your lazy eye!  Do not close your eyes when somebody looks at you.  If a teacher or student says you aren’t paying attention say that you are!  Make a joke!  Lazy eye people rule!

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