Stutter Trouble, by Aaron, 3rd Grade

My name is Aaron.  A difference about me is that I stutter.  When you stutter, your speech gets stuck and you can’t talk so well.  It sort of sounds like s-s-salt.  Salt is not a word I am likely to get stuck on, but I do know many other words.  Thankfully, I go to speech therapy, so I have ways to get unstuck.

Here’s an example that just happened.  One Friday night, whether in December of January, I had a tennis match.  When I play matches, we usually warm up for five minutes or so.

When we were done warming up I asked the kid I was playing, “Do you want to start?”  But it sounded like, “Do you want t-t-to s-s-s-s-start?”

He said, What?”

I tried to say it again, but it sounded the same as before.  Afterwards, it kept going on like that there more times.

By the 4th time, I was frustrated!  I had a feeling he had trouble hearing me.  I also saw that I looked confused.  I tried again, but it didn’t work.  Then I looked at my mom.  She gave me a signal, which is tugging at her ear.  So I used my speech tools and it worked!  I was able to say what I wanted to say.

A lot of times I get stuck and I remember my speech tools.  That time, since I was focused on asking him, I just forgot my speech tools.  Since that time I have remembered my speech tools.

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