I Stay Positive By Darrell Cody Lillard (Age 9)

My name is Darrell Cody Lillard and I have a pretty interesting life. I like to read, play basketball and I am good at math. I was born with disabilities which make me unique. The disabilities I have are called Club Feet and Arthrogryposis.  Those are my visible differences. It is hard to do some things and live a normal life.

My disabilities really can affect my life experience. Arthrogryposis means I cannot bend my legs as easily, and Club Feet means my feet are curved. Walking really isn’t easy for me, but I make it work.  Also, I play baseball with these conditions and it is hard. When I am at school my friends and I play a makeshift baseball game.

Some ways I have learned to flaunt my differences is by staying positive. To stay positive, I remind myself there are people with worse lives than mine so I should be grateful. I had surgeries to help me too. These are the things that make me different.


DHIFI congratulates Kids Flaunt Special Recognition winner, Darrell Cody Lillard for sharing with us what makes him, him! 

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