Seeing Double, By Carly Noble

When I look around the house I see two of everything.  Two beds, two computers, two closets, two pillows and even two binders!  Everything is double, even two kids—twins!  I am different than other kids because I am a twin.  My twin sister, Jessica and I go through life together, hand in hand.  But being a twin isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

On the one hand, being a twin has a lot of obstacles.  Since we are in different classes, we have a variety of friends.  Some friends we both know but it can get uncomfortable when friends of Jessica’s I don’t really know come over when I am home.  Sometimes I get annoyed when a friend of mine comes over and Jessica barges in.  The hardest part of having different friends is not getting invited to each other’s activities.  I was recently invited to a birthday party and Jessica was not.  It is also uncomfortable when my sister has a sleepover at our house with a friend or vice versa.  We are competitive with friends and also in sports.  On the field, there is much competition.  My sister and I are always competing for something.  We are both involved in soccer, basketball, softball, select chorus etc.   For example, my sister and I are also competing for this assignment!  I feel pressured to have better report cards and grades than Jessica and one of us is always sad at the end.

Being a twin isn’t always a burden.  I have accepted my difference because of all the wonderful things Jess does.  Because of my sister, I have made new friends I wouldn’t have made without her.  Competing academically with my sister makes me work harder and focus more.  I am more driven toward my goal.  For example, I recently pushed for more money than my sister in Jump Rope for Heart.  This helped me raise more for needy kids and achieve my goal.  Also, having a twin means there is someone I always can count on and trust, no matter what.  I know I am ranked 1st in her heart and she will do anything for me.  Even when we fight, I know that I am important to her and that’s why we are fighting.  I can also relate to Jessica the most, unlike an older or younger sibling.  She goes through life with me and experiences the same things.

So if you have a twin, remember it’s a blessing.  Live life to its best, and think of your twin for all the good reasons, not the bad.  Jessica can be annoying but she is the best sister ever and she is awesome!  So don’t hide your difference.  Be yourself!  Sometimes being different can seem embarrassing, but just imagine if everyone was the same.  In conclusion-JUST BE YOU!

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