I Am More Than What You See By Fahima (Age 16)

Fahima PhotoMy name is Fahima. I am from Afghanistan and I was born in Farah province, an insecure region here and I am 16 years old. When I was just one year old, during the war the Taliban government blasted a rocket in to our house. In that accident I lost my face beauty and 3 fingers of my right hand and also injured my right eye and my right ear. After that accident I just was a child with a burned face.

I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old the other children did not let me to play with them because I was not beautiful like them, then I came back to home and cried.  At that time it was so difficult for me. Everything was so painful to me–like when I crossed the street from any way, the other children said “look at the girl with her face burned!” and lots of other words. But I tolerated their speech, even though I experienced lots of problems in my life, especially in my childhood—that period was my hardest part of my life.

One of the hardest days happened when I went to a wedding party with my family.  We entered the hall, in the first place everyone looked at me but I did not like the attention so we moved and sat beside others. Some curious women asked my mom, “Is she your girl?” My mom answered, “Yes she is.”  Then they would ask what happened with her face? My mom had to explained my situation for them and it was so hard to me to have my mom put in that situation! Then the hardest thing came from a girl about 7 or 8 years old.  She saw my face and even cried and hid behind her own mom! My mom asked her mother why your girl cried? She said, “My girl fear from your girl face.”  When I heard that I felt so terrible that I immediately left there and found a place where I could cry a lot to myself. After that I decided that I will never go to any party! Even when my family wants to go any party I did not go with them and always lie that I had an exam at school and I needed to stay at home and study. But this was false.  There was no exam!

I still am faced with lots of problems in my life. But, I never lose hope from my life and like every other person I go to school and try a lot.  It has paid off and every year I get a good position in my class and it makes me try and work even harder because I understand beauty and other physical things aren’t the only way you can enjoy success life.  I believe it is best to just try, be hardworking and believe in yourself so you can reach your goals and wishes! My big goal is that I want to be a good Doctor one day and help other people.  I can reach this goal because now I believe in myself that I can do everything!

Now it is a few years later than my story and I am very happy in my life because I have a kind family and lots of friends in my life and they never let me feel that I am just a girl with face that was burned.

I love all of them because they have helped me be the strong girl I am now!


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  1. Murtaza DariwshzadaDecember 5, 2020 at 8:11 pm #

    wow your life story is very encouraging . i wish you all the best. be strong.

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