Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It™ (DHIFI) and Runway of Dreams™ are partnering together to invite you and your family members to share a personal essay that describes your life story and how mainstream adaptive clothing empowers you, providing an outlet for self expression.  Founded on similar philosophies, Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It™ and Runway of Dreams™ aim to empower the differently-abled community by giving them the opportunity to tell their stories and express themselves. Runway of Dreams™works alongside the fashion industry to create mainstream clothing options for people, giving them confidence to wear the clothes they want. Founded by Mindy Scheier, fashion designer and mom of a child with muscular dystrophy, the Runway of Dreams mission is to work with mainstream brands and retailers, creating adaptive clothing lines for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and making fashion accessible for all.



My Runway of Dreams Story

By Mindy Scheier

The Runway of Dreams story starts with my son Oliver, a compassionate, funny and curious sixth grader who was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy when he was a baby. From that day on, we knew there would be both challenges and triumphs ahead for our family.

A degenerative disease, Oliver’s muscular dystrophy impacts his ability to do various daily tasks on his own. As his mom, it breaks my heart to watch my child struggle doing the simple things most of us take for granted — buttoning a shirt, tying a shoe or zipping a zipper.

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