Reaching New Heights By Carson van Dyk (Age 11)

My name is Carson van Dyk. I’m 11 years old and I have lived my whole life in Los Angeles. I love to play football, golf, tennis, go snowboarding and play Fortnite just like a lot of my friends. But I’m also different than a lot of my friends because I have a fear of heights. The first time I noticed it was when my mom parked on the fifth floor of a parking garage and I got out of the car. I looked around and then became extremely afraid when I looked down to the street. I didn’t feel very safe and had to move back so I couldn’t see over the edge. I also feel very scared when I am on a ski lift and sometimes I refuse to get on.

At first I was ashamed. But when I decided to let some of my friends know about my fear of heights, instead of making fun of me I found out that some of them have the same fear too! So now I don’t feel embarrassed and we always help each other in scary situations.

My difference makes me want to challenge myself so I can overcome my fear and help my friends do it too. I rode the roller coaster on the Santa Monica pier not that long ago and was so happy because it was something that I was always scared to do. I still haven’t found the courage yet to ride the Ferris wheel, but I think one day I will be able to because I’m always going to try and reach new heights.

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