The RBC Flaunt It Award

DHIFI, Inc. (Don’t Hide It Flaunt It.com) is honored to be able to collaborate with the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and is grateful for the financial support of RBC Capital Markets Foundation. The RBC Flaunt It Award recognizes writing and artistic efforts to advance understanding and mutual respect for people’s differences. This Award encourages teens in grades 7 through 12 who possess any type of difference, whether blatant or invisible, to flaunt and ultimately celebrate what makes them unique.

Two student winners were selected for their outstanding works inspired by the theme: “The things that make me different, make me, me.” Each winner received a $1,000 scholarship. In addition, five writing and five art Flaunt It finalists have been recognized for their amazing achievement.

 Art Winner: Anushka Nair


We congratulate 16-year-old Anushka Nair for receiving this year’s RBC Flaunt It Award and Scholarship (Art category) for her painting, “Shifting Perspective.”  Beyond Anushka’s beautiful artistry, DHIFI Inc. praises her willingness to share with us through art her own struggles with body image when faced with external judgment and criticism about her appearance, style of dress and her efforts toward the path of self-acceptance.


 Congrats to the RBC Flaunt It Award Art Finalists


Writing Winner: Hands Off My Identity: Dealing with Difference in a Diversifying Community by Lindsay Pierce

We congratulate Lindsay Pierce for receiving this year’s RBC Flaunt It Award and Scholarship (Writing category) for her powerful essay, Hands Off My Identity: Dealing with Difference in a Diversifying Community.  In her piece, Lindsay describes what she coins “microaggressions” in the context of struggling with her identity as a black woman in a predominantly white school.  Through her raw and candid personal experience, Lindsay recognizes a key component to the mission of Don’t Hide It Flaunt It—that of celebrating difference.  According to Lindsay, “Our unique identities are what make us all so incredible. Let’s pledge to work towards a community that celebrates that distinct beauty instead of making it into a punch line.”


Congrats to the RBC Flaunt It Award Writing Finalists


Thanks to our incredible RBC Flaunt It Award Teen Board for their time and valuable contributions in helping Don’t Hide It Flaunt It select our two Scholarship winners!  The RBC Flaunt It Award Teen Board members are: Simone Bogedal, Allison and Alex Gorman, David Mirsky, Stella Scheier, Libby Epstein, Ava Laden.

RBCCM_Logo_color_web_screen_for_light_bkground-300x66A special thank you to the RBC Capital Markets for its sponsorship of the RBC Flaunt It Award and its ongoing support of Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It.