My Peanut Allergy By Jack Barsh (Age 10)

Julia Applebaum Age 12My name is Jack.  I am just like every other kid but there is something that makes me different.  Sometimes this difference is a struggle.  I have a peanut allergy, which means I can’t eat some things that other people eat.  I am ten years old and have had my peanut allergy ever since I was born.  I have two brothers and a sister, and one of my brothers also has a peanut allergy.  This might sound hard for most people but not for me because I have had it for so long.

Although I have had my peanut allergy always, sometimes it is a challenge.  It is hard when I go to parties and I cannot always eat the food, especially cake and candy.  Sometimes I wish I could eat what everyone else can eat.  In remember one time I was at a party and the cake looked so good! I couldn’t wait to dig in but then I found out it had PEANUTS! I was devastated!

Having a peanut allergy also means that I always have to read labels to look for peanut ingredients.  I can’t just grab something and eat it without checking first.  I have now learned to look and to be careful.  Another thing I have to do different since I have my allergy is that I have to sit at a separate table in the cafeteria at school that is peanut-free during lunch. There are only two kids in total at the table so sometimes I feel left out from the rest of the kids.  But the good thing is that I have become really good friends with the other person that has the peanut allergy.  Now we have a lot of fun together at lunch.

I have learned to accept this difference and how it makes me special.  Now that I have larned the foods I can and can’t have this peanut allergy really doesn’t affect me since I always know what to do.  Now it is not a big deal since I have grown into my allergy.  For example, at parties I cannot eat the cake still but it doesn’t bother me anymore because U get to enjoy all the other things besides the food and still have fun.  As you can see, I have learned to live with this allergy.

Having a peanut allergy makes me unique, however, I still feel good about myself.  It makes me different than other kids but I have learned to accept it.  If I could give advice to someone with this allergy I would tell him or her to stay calm and not to worry too much.  As long as you reach labels and are careful what you eat you will be ok.  I have had this my whole life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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