DHIFI is proud to collaborate with prominent institutions on a variety of partnership initiatives:

Youth Development/Education: Scholastic, Inc. is DHIFI’s closest education partner, working with us to produce the Kids Flaunt elementary program available to fourth and fifth grade classrooms nationwide. Project Flaunt enables students of all ages to share their own unique differences and unite as a classroom.  The “Flaunt It” Art and Writing Award in collaboration with Scholastic’s Alliance motivated teens to flaunt their visible and invisible differences at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

Nonprofit Cooperation: Runway of Dreams (RoD), a nonprofit organization encouraging inclusion in the fashion world, works with DHIFI on the publication of “RoD Flaunts.” Through this partnership, models with a range of physical differences share their stories, with a focus on the opportunities created by adaptable clothing and related programs. DHIFI also partners with Harvard University student-created “Siblings with a Mission” to share the stories of difference of siblings for National Siblings Day in April.

Higher Education: Cornell University is DHIFI’s “Alumni Flaunt” partner, creating platforms with DHIFI to highlight the experiences of their Diversity Alumni Program participants. The “Alumni Flaunt” program launched in 2017 and DHIFI is actively reaching out to additional universities.

Corporate Diversity: DHIFI is proud to work with multiple corporations to enhance their human-resource based Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, especially through their Employee Resource Groups. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Capital Markets, Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley are a few of DHIFI’s most active corporate partners, with others currently in development.

Partnerships with DHIFI inspire key stakeholders to strengthen relationships, build a culture of inclusion, and build their specific communities by hearing stories of role models in celebrating difference – and by developing unique platforms for their members and employees to tell their own stories.

Contact Executive Director Beth Cohen at to explore how your company or organization can benefit from working with us.