Part of Me Jesse Shapira Age 10

jesse-shapiraHi I’m Jesse from Chicago, Illinois! I am ten years old. I also have a thirteen-year-old brother who is in 8th grade named Avi and a younger sister named Eliana who is eight and in 3rd grade. I am unique because I was born with both of my pinky fingers being crooked.  In addition to my pinkies, my teeth were also crooked so in January of this year I got braces!  I am pretty glad I got braces because they helped my teeth become a lot straighter.  I also have never broken a bone in my life. Another thing about my life that makes my family different is that my grandpa cannot hear at all without hearing aids.

People don’t really treat me differently because I have braces or have crooked pinkies. My Mom treats me differently though because of my crooked pinkies.  She makes me feel really good inside because she tells me I have the best and cutest pinkies in the world!

I never thought about whether I flaunt my pinkies until now. Just because I have crooked pinkies does not make me hide them in my sleeves or never show them.  That is because they are part of me.

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