No More Fears By Caroline Svatek (Age 10)

My name is Caroline Svatek. I am ten years old and  in 5th grade. I play soccer, basketball, and Cooking Fever on my iPad nonstop. Even though I have all of these great things in my life, there are some things that can frighten me. I have an invisible difference– a fear of elevators. Every time I ride one, I feel like I will not make it out. It started when one of my brothers friends was telling a pretend story about him and his friends got stuck in an elevator. I was really young, so I took it very seriously. I am still frightened by elevators today. I have gotten better with my fear of elevators since then. I no longer fear glass elevators. l know if the elevator is moving, so l am not very frightened. I have also started looking at the floor indicator in metal elevators. I feel like it helps me know that the elevator is moving. Sometimes I don’t have to look at the floor indicator because I am not frightened and I know the possibilities of being stuck in a elevator is like winning the lottery five times in a row!!  

I have learned from Don’t Hide It Flaunt It that fear should not control your mind. My parents and friends have tried to support me and help me get over my fears too. Fear should not control you as a person. It should not keep you from doing once in a lifetime things. I won’t let fear control me or my surroundings. I am doing my best to manage my difference and try to ignore this fear and live my life to its fullest.

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