My Story By Gehrig Hoffman (Age 9)

GHoffmanMy name is Gehrig. Yes, named after a great baseball player. My dad says my name represents kindness, respect, and perseverance. I am 9 years old. I go to the Town School in New York City. When I was adopted at 5 weeks old, the first place I went to was my beach house. It was a dream come true, then tragedy hit.

When I was almost 2 my mom died because of a heart attack. My dad and me were alone together for a couple of years. Then one day, me, my dad and my friend were in the ocean. Then this young lady came and watched us. I got sand in my eyes I ran out of the water and ran toward the lady and I asked for her to wipe my eyes. My dad married that lady.

I love the ocean so much. I know how to surf, boogie board, and catch the curl of a wave. My favorite sport is baseball. I started playing it when I was three. My first team was the Gorillas. I played in my Dad’s league. Now I play on a travel team called the Spartans.

Isn’t life full off surprises, good and bad? Now I have a mom and two brothers and one sister. I live in the city that never sleeps. I have a beach house on Fire Island. There’s pretty good surfing there most of the time. I think of my mom every day and I cry sometimes. I keep her close to my heart.

Life is still good, what else could I ask for, that’s what makes me, me.



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