My Parents’ Divorce, By Emma, 4th Grade

I am a fun, 10-year-old girl.  I have three sisters and two brothers.  Their names are Mia, Laura, Liana, Alex and Max.  Yet, I did not always have them, I only had Alex, and this is why:  My parents got divorced in 2009 when I was about six, and my brother Alex was nine.  We were at Applebee’s, and after our dinner my mom said to me and Alex, “I have something to tell you guys.”  We were scared! Then, my dad said, “Your Mom and I are getting divorced.”  Alex was crying and crying, but I did not understand what the word “divorced” meant!  I asked and mom said, “It means we are breaking up.”  Then I started to cry.  I thought my Mom and Dad would be together forever!

When Dad had to go, he blew me and Alex a kiss.  That made me cry even harder.  Just think of one of your parents blowing you a kiss goodbye until they see you again, which could be a long time.  Anyway, he left home with tears in his eyes, and same with ours.  When we got home, I ran into my room, crying my heart out. I already missed my Dad.  My Mom came up to me and told me that I will see him every other weekend.  I also did not know what that meant.  I asked again and she said that one whole week with her, then another except the weekend. Still a little confusing, but I managed to understand.   A couple of weeks after, I started to get used to my parents being divorced.  I pretty much forgot what it was like to have two parents with me in the same house.  I know that might sound weird but it isn’t.

Now in 2013, my Dad got married, and my Mom did too.  They are happy with that they have and yeah, my Mom and Dad get into fights here and there but it is perfectly fine with me.  People might say to me, “I would hate it if my parents got divorced.”  But they don’t understand that if they didn’t, it would be so much worse in the house, so it is better the way it is.


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