My Name is Browny By Browny Liu

Browny photoHello, my name is Browny. Nothing may seem different about me when you look at my photo, except my name is Browny. My name may be weird but some people like it and I’m proud of my name.

My dad named me when I was born. I didn’t like my name at first since people kept making fun of my name. As I got older, like in 3rd grade, I got used to being called names. Some would ask me if I wanted to eat a brownie and sometimes I would even say yes.  I really didn’t care about my name because they were older than me and didn’t know me and they were not my friends so I did not mind much.

I am proud of my name for many reasons. One reason is that DHIFI RunnerUp Badge_Leven though some make fun of it, many people also make a compliment of my name and they say they like it or that it’s cool. Another reason is that I am named after a food that a lot of people enjoy eating, including me!

After all, a name is what makes a person special. Mine may be different but I am proud of it.


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