My Kids Flaunt Essay, By Hannah, Grade 3

I am eight years old. I like art and dance and especially reading.  I have an older brother and a younger brother.  In this report, I will be telling you about my older brother and how he has affected my life.   He is ten years old.  He has autism.  His autism has made things very different for me.  Let me explain what autism is.  It is a disability where it is hard for a person with autism to communicate.  People with autism may have some unusual habits or movements that may seem strange to others.

Let me tell you something that happened to show how my brother has affected my life.  I was in my class at synagogue with the other kids of my age.  We were having a conversation.  My mom and brothers came to check on me.  When my mom saw that I was okay, my mom and my little brother continued walking through the hallway.  My big brother walked into my classroom.  He was standing in a funny position staring into the distance.  All of the children in the classroom laughed.  It really hurt my feelings.  They were laughing at my brother, but inside, it felt like they were laughing at me.  I told my teacher how I felt and she said that she understood.

My thoughts about my brother have changed over the course of my life.  At first, when I could understand what his disability was, I felt “I wish my brother was like all the other kids.  Why does he have to be different?  Why couldn’t he be a regular kid like everyone else?”  As I have gotten a little older I found the good sides about autism.  For instance, my brother is probably the best at doing puzzles in our whole family.  He has taught me things.  He has helped me want to be a teacher.  I love teaching and I thank my brother for showing me that.  (Thank you!!!)  His therapists are very nice and I am glad that I have gotten to know them.  In his school, each kid gets their own teacher and a teacher who is in charge of the classroom.  He also goes to the Friendship Circle.  It is a program for kids with disabilities of all kinds, not just autism.   Sometimes siblings can come for special programs.  Thank you to all of the people who help my brother.  He is the best older brother ever.

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