My Height, By Lizzie Herr, 5th Grade

Small.  I’m small and I don’t mind being small.  Being small doesn’t mean that I can’t do things as well as other people.  Maybe taller people have a better advantage in basketball.  But actually, I have two small friends that are both great athletes.  Tall people can reach high shelves and small people can’t, but that’s not a big deal.  When I was in preschool and Kindergarten, some of my friends would always say, “You’re older than me but I’m taller than you!”  And I would say, “Because my Mommy is short!”  If someone said that to me today I would say, “So, I’m older that you by a month or two.  Why does it really matter?”

Some people want to be really tall or think it’s a disadvantage to be small, but I don’t think that at all!  My sister Allison thinks it’s good to be tall, but why?  Think about it.  When you are small you have many advantages.  First of all, you don’t have to worry about shopping for shoes or clothes in your size.  Second of all, think about all the sports that are easier to play for small people!  Field Hockey: It’s much easier to lean over to hit the ball with a small body.  Gymnastics: When do you ever see a tall person on the Olympic Gymnastic Teams?  Soccer: Even though tall people can be good, you need the little guys to sneak around the other team.  Small people have many advantages in life.

Does it really matter if you’re tall or small?  I have small friends and I have tall friends, and we all get along.  Even though it is handy to have tall people in our lives ot reach things for us, I like being small better.  I love being small!

And by the way, I am not just small.  I am fun size!

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