My Hearing Aider By Brennan Aube Age 5

My name is Brennan and I am 5.  I go to school and I have a hearing aider.  My hearing aider is cool.  It makes a song when I turn it on.  It helps me hear better.  I like it because I can hear my teachers and friends.  I wear it on my bended ear.  If you have a bended ear like me, you might wear one too.

I went to the doctor to get a new hearing aid and they put pink gooey stuff in my ear because they had to make it fit just right.  I picked out a blue hearing aid and a black and white swirly ear mold.  It looks super cool.

Sometimes my hearing aid falls off when I am jumping or running.  It can also make a funny sound in my ear if it isn’t on the right way.  I don’t like it when my friends try to pull off my hearing aid because then I can’t hear everyone.  That makes me sad.

I had a surgery on my ear and I will get to pick out a new hearing aid soon.  I want it to be pink and red this time.

Brennan photosoloI feel like a superhero when I wear my hearing aider.  It makes a lot of sounds.  A lot of guys wear hearing aids too, like Derrick Coleman from the Seahawks football team.  He won the Super Bowl.  I don’t play football but I play t-ball and maybe I will win a big game someday too.


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