My Hands, by Madison

Hi, my name is Madison and this is my story. My hands are different and I used to get bullied in elementary school. They would call me a pirate and say “ARG!!!” and make a little hook with their hands.  I would tell the bus driver about it and they said that they should sit far in the front.  I would sit in the middle and when I got home I told my dad and he was this close to going to the school to tell the Principal. One day I came home happier than normal and dad asked why and I said “Those people who were making fun of me got suspended!” dad just hugged me and told me everything from then on should be better.

When I got into middle school a few years later we got netbooks (laptops), and I didn’t have any friends at the beginning of school. Since we had to dress up for P.E. and I forgot mine that Monday and so did this other girl. We talked and talked and talked that whole period. After that I made one friend so far. She showed me her friends and we ended up being friends. So far no one has made fun of me this year and just so recently I made a friend that just moved here from California and her name is Collete and her air is very short.  I’m so glad everything is good.

I love my dad and he is a loving father, but my brothers can act stupid.  At least they are all like “Oh I didn’t know that you only had 2 fingers!” and I am all like really?! Anyways remember that time I mentioned that we got personal netbooks at the new middle school? Yeah well I learned how to type really fast with only 2 fingers and people at school are all like wow look how fast Madison can type! I’m all like yep! All awkward and stuff so yeah.

I hope that more new people come because I like having friends and you should too if they don’t like you for who you are then they aren’t your real friends. Don’t be sad by that you will find more friends than that one or two friends. I would like to thank anybody who would read this all because, you know I’m honored and yes this is my story. So next time you get bullied don’t hide in a turtle shell and don’t tell anybody, and if you have enough courage then stand up for yourself! I hope you know you are special.

You are a one of a kind person, you are loved by your family and friends. Don’t EVER forget you’re special.

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