My Hair Story-Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It! By Bella Avelino 

“Wow,” you have some head of hair!”  That is usually the response I get when someone looks at me.  Sometimes I feel embarrassed by the thought of having as much hair on my head.  I remember the time when I was eight years old and got a haircut and the hair stylist made my mom pay for an adult cut even though I was only eight!  Another example, is that I had so much hair as a baby that I had to get a haircut when I was two months old.  Most of the time when I attempt to put my hair in a ponytail the hair tie can’t go around another time so it snaps.

All these  things sometimes embarrass and upset me, until I went to get a haircut and the lady who washed my hair said, “Wow!  Your hair is so pretty.  I wish I had your beautiful hair.”  I remember that moment.  It made my face light up just like a light bulb and I was super happy!  Then, I realized how my thick hair made me unique.

I realized then that I should give away some of my hair to charity because other kids struggle with their health and lose their hair.  I’m in the process of growing my hair and cutting 10 inches in August for Locks of Love, a foundation that takes donated hair to make wigs.  August is the month when my grandma died of cancer.  Before she died, she needed to wear a wig because she lost her hair during her cancer treatment.

Having lots of hair on my head has been a learning experience for me.  I can do more with my hair, have the advantage of styling it different each day and I also have the best advantage ever of feeling unique!  In conclusion, these are my tips  to keep you confident and positive while having thick hair:

Hold your head up

Be positive

Style your hair to look pretty

Have fun with it!

Having thick hair on my head makes me special because no one else has the same hair as I do and that’s what makes me, me!

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