My Glasses-My Difference By Jax Klein (Age 11)

My name is Jax Klein, I’m 11 years old, and I have lived in California my whole life. I like to do activities like football, baseball, swimming, surfing, go skateboarding and play video games just like a lot of my friends. I’m also different than a lot of my friends because I have glasses. The first day I came to school wearing my glasses in kindergarten a girl made fun of me. Not only did she call me four eyes, but she threw my lunch box across the yard. I was extremely upset.

My new friend Dresden stood up to her with me and he told her to leave me alone. Then, we let the teacher know and she spoke to the class about being kind to others and talked about how we are all different. This did not fully change her though. However, it taught me that I had to make friends with people who didn’t care about me having glasses. More importantly, I realized I wanted to be friends with people who were kind and respectful to others.

Now I am going into sixth grade and I found out that half of my friends have glasses or contact lenses! I Love wearing my glasses and NEVER want to hide behind contacts. Glasses are cool, but more importantly I like being different. I have asked my friends (that are at school who also needed glasses) and they have admitted they were scared about it too. So we all talk about it and support each other. I like being different by wearing my glasses and my favorite part is that it has given me a chance for me to make new friends.

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