My Glasses By Maily Mazariego (Age 9)

Hi! My name is Maily Mazariego. If you didn’t know, I wear glasses. I remember when I got them for the first time. I didn’t want to wear them. I thought everyone was going to laugh or make fun of me. I did not think that mostly everyone wears glasses and they don’t get bullied.

When I finally put them on I thought right away everyone was going to make fun of me, but they did not. People started saying, “I really like your glasses!” That changed the fact that I did not want to wear my glasses.

After that day I knew that nobody was going to make fun of me! I also knew that no one was going to bully me. Also, wearing glasses is an everyday thing for some people. Now I wear my glasses every time! Also, it has been two whole years since I got them!

You should know that if you do have glasses don’t be scared! Wear them! No one will make fun of you!

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