My Difference With Math, By Fritzie diMayorca, 5th Grade

Hi!  My name is Fritzie diMayorca.  I am ten years old.  My difference is that I have trouble with math.  Sometimes I feel like I should know the answer but its just that I cannot do the problem.

A time I felt really, really uncomfortable and embarrassed with my difference was when my class started learning fractions!  When my teacher was done with the mini-lesson my head was about to explode!  My teacher said that if anyone needed help, to please come around on the carpet.  I walked over there and looked around.  There was no one else there and I could feel everyone’s eyes watching me as I sat down.  I felt as if I wanted to run away and hide under my bed until I was sure I could drive myself to Mexico!

In later months, I grew to accept my difference by just realizing that everyone has problems with all sorts of things.  Now whenever I have trouble with math it helps me to really try harder in everything else.  Even outside of school—like sports.

If anyone has the difference and trouble that I have today, there here is some advice to help.  If you’re having trouble with math, then ask your teacher.  They are always willing to help—that is what they are there for.  Or, ask your parents or siblings because they may have also gone through the same thing.  Sometimes, I take all of my problems and refocus it on my work!  Just remember if you think you are not very smart, don’t believe it!  Don’t let this difference get in your way.  You are stronger than it!

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