My Difference is Dyslexia, Zoe, 4th Grade

My name is Zoe and this is the time I figured out I had dyslexia and I had to go to my tutor.  I was in 2nd grade and all of my friends could read short stories in their reading book in 30 minutes.  I could only read two pages in that time.  I felt weird because I was always the last one to finish.

My teacher told my mom about a tutor that her son went to.  My mom called the tutor and asked if she could help me.  My mom said that I would see the tutor on Mondays.  After a year went by, I saw her two times each week, and I was about the same level as the rest of my class.  I felt so much better because I didn’t finish last any more.  But, I still could not write as well as the rest of my class so now I am working on writing with my tutor.  I feel good that I can read and I am writing as well as the rest of my class.

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