My Difference, By Sophie Pollard, 4th Grade

My difference is that I am a lot taller than other kids my age.  Some people used to tease me about my difference.  I have learned that my difference can help me sometimes also.  I will tell you a bit about it! Here is some advice about having a difference:

One time when I went to the doctor, one of the people at the desk who knows my Mom well said, “Hi stilts!”  My face turned bright red with embarrassment.  I could almost feel everybody staring at ne.  Another time, when the school play “Annie” was having auditions, everybody said that I shouldn’t try out because I would never get the part.  They all thought I was too tall!  So, I ended up not trying out for the play.  I feel now that I should’ve tried out.  Or had been in the stage crew, at least!  Sometimes I feel very uncomfortable with my difference.

Although sometimes I can feel uncomfortable or embarrassed with my difference, sometimes it can help me!  For example, I really like basketball.  Because I am tall, I do well.  I really like going to play basketball because I feel like I fit right in there  Having a difference has its ups and downs, but I have grown to accept my difference.  Who knows, maybe one day my difference may really come in handy?  One day when I was over at my friend’s house and she had cookies were on the high shelf.  So, I reached up and grabbed them for us.  I really felt good about having used my difference for us.

In closing, don’t hide your difference, flaunt it!  You never know, one day it might really come in handy!  I also have some advice for people in my (tall) shoes.  Try out for basketball!  You will be great!  One day, maybe I will be a professional basketball player.  Or maybe even an actress.  Who knows?  With my difference I can still do anything!  If someone teases you about your difference tell them you like having a difference!  I have learned to like my difference because it makes me, me!  It makes me special.  So, do whatever you want to do, even try out for your school play for example.  Your difference shouldn’t change how you do things, it sometimes helps you.  So, please don’t hide your difference, flaunt it!  You will be happy you did.

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