My Difference, By Nathan, 3rd Grade

Hi, my name is Nathan.  I am nine years old, and in 3rd grade.  I have eczema.  Eczema is when you get dry skin and open cuts on your hands, feet, knees and lips.  When my feet get bad I limp.  When my hands get bad it hurts when I write.  When my lips get bad I tuck them into my mouth when I walk in the halls at school.

In my first year at my school, (when I was in pre-K), one of my best friends thought that I was a monster and he would not high-five me or go near me.  People asked me, “What happened?”  When they asked me that I said, “None of your business.”  People looked at me all the time.  But then I found out that when my dad was young he had eczema too!  Now new people still look at me and ask what happened.

Every once in awhile my eczema gets good but then after about a week it gets bad again.  I put cream on at night.  Every now and then I go on antibiotics because it gets really bad and infected.

Now, my friends don’t really look at me and they don’t seem bothered by my eczema.  Now I know that it does not matter what you look like.  I really don’t get bothered by it anymore.

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