My Cells, By Rafi Colton-Max (Semi), 4th Grade

For Don’t Hide It Flaunt It, I am writing about my disease.  My disease is mastosytosis.  This causes me a lot of pain.  Sometimes I wake up in the night and it feels like I have a metal bar on my foot.  When that happens, I take a pill and put on lotion.

Every day I need pills/eye drops.  It is very painful when the meds wear off and I am sore.  When this happens, I take a Benadryl and put on lotion.  The reason I react is because I have different cells in my body.  When I am in pain, the cells go to the part of the nody that is in pain.  Sometimes, the cells go to my brain and I get crazy.

Due to the cells, I am not allowed to do some physical activities.  The masto cells will go to my brain and I misbehave or it will go to some part of my body and it bangs on my skin.  That is when it means I am in pain.

Another time my cells go to my brain is when I eat something I am allergic to.  Like asthma, I have many triggers.  In fact, I have a problem with writing.  I know what to write faster than I can write it.  That is when I need help.  When I have a reaction I also need help.

When the hives go to my brain I get hyper and when it goes to my body I get spots.

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