My Asthma, By Robert Van Volkenburgh, 4th Grade.

“UUUuuu…”  I woke up, my lungs were burning.  I was gasping for hair as if I were under water.  I ran to my parents’ bedroom.  My mom was there, but my dad was at work as a doctor.  My mom called 911 not knowing what to do next.  A police officer came in our house and gave me an oxygen mask to breathe into.  The ambulance then came and my Dad drove very fast to our house.  My Dad came in the ambulance and we rode to the hospital together.

I have asthma.  It is a disease that causes my lungs to close so I can’t breathe.  I have to take medicine every day in order to not get sick and to breathe better.  One time when I felt uncomfortable with having asthma is when I was in my school’s nurses’ office.  I had been sick for four days so I took some medicine at school to keep my lungs in shape.  The door was left wide open and my mask looked like an oxygen mask so everyone in the hallway stared at me.  One person, maybe in 2nd grade, was so curious he asked the nurse something, looking right at me.  I was so embarrassed that I felt as red as a cherry.  It was as if everyone had seen me on TV with a finger in my nose—I would have paid $1 million to run away and hide!

Even though taking medicine every day and having asthma is hard to acceot, I have to learn to do so.  Once I was running a race, and I was in 1st place the whole time.  I could feel the finish line and then it happened.  I could not breathe and I did not finish the race.  However, this year I took my medicine and I was able to get twelfth place and finish the race.  By taking medicine, I get healthier.  Then, I can run like the wind and enjoy a nice day with my friends.

I began this story talking about the emergencies I have had with my asthma.  After learning how to use medicine every day, I have been able to do better in sports and stay healthier in school.  I am learning to accept my illness, and from this point I will try to breathe easier at night.

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