My Amazing Brother By Cole Hillman (Age 10)

Hi. My name is Cole. I am ten years old and I like to play soccer, basketball, golf and baseball. I also like video games and playing with my friends. My family has a special place in my heart, especially my brother named Jack. He is amazing. My brother Jack has Down Syndrome, Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease. He is special to me because without him I wouldn’t be me and we wouldn’t have the bond that we have now. Jack is kind to all. He will never judge you. Jack is quiet in a way but he loves to sing and dance and to put on a show for people. He is always making us laugh. Jack has to work very hard to do things throughout the day that come easy to others. I like helping him do these things. He is always appreciative and gives me hugs all the time. Having Jack in my life makes me feel lucky.

Having a brother with Down Syndrome impacts my life in a very positive way each day. Jack has taught me to be a more kind and patient person. He has taught me this because things are not easy for everybody and when he is struggling to do something I need to be patient so he can figure it out on his own. This is hard to do sometimes when I am rushing and I want to do it for him so it can be done quickly, but it’s more important for him to try first. Having a brother with Down Syndrome has impacted me on how I treat other people. I am always kind to other kids. I am always looking around during recess and if I see someone sitting alone or looking sad I go over and talk to them. I always include kids in games we are plating. I stand up for kids that get picked on. One thing that I find really cool is that one of my good friends has Down Syndrome too. His name is Jackson and is in my grade. Jackson doesn’t always behave well and doesn’t have many playdates with other kids. I understand why he behaves a certain way and I don’t get frustrated with him. He has been over to my house a couple of times and it makes me feel good when I see how excited he gets when I invite him over.

Another thing that having Jack in my life has impacted me is that I have learned a lot of medical things. He has Type 1 Diabetes and I often help him with testing his blood sugar and giving him insulin through his pump when my parents are not around to do it. Jack also has Celiac Disease so I have learned what kind of foods he can eat. Learning about these things has made me think that I would like to work in a hospital when I get older.

I like everybody to see how special it is to have a brother with Down Syndrome. I don’t mind flaunting this because I think Jack is super cool. I always introduce him to all my friends. I never exclude him in what I am doing and I always include him whenever I have friends over. Jack plays for a Unified Baseball Team and I go to his games and cheer for him. I want him to feel happy and know that I am proud of him. It’s hard for him to dribble so he needs to work super hard at it. People will ask me sometimes why Jack does things, like rock side to side. I don’t mind explaining to people why he does that or why he might act differently. Many people ask about his insulin pump and want to know how it works. I like answering these questions because I know people are just curious. I know my brother is different, but that makes him Jack. He will always be my best friend and he is definitely amazing!

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