My Allergies, By Jemma Nazarali, 4th Grade

Something that is different about me is that I have a lot of allergies.  I have to avoid peanuts, nuts, fish, sesame and bananas.  Lots of times I can’t eat things because they have foods I am allergic to inside of them.  Other times they are contaminated by my allergies.  I used to be bothered by this, but not anymore.

Many times, I hated my allergies.  At birthday parties, I often couldn’t have the cake.  At restaurants, I sometimes have a limited choice from the menu.  Watching what I eat is important, and I used to be annoyed by that.  But besides that, it can be scary to think that if you’re not careful, you might have an allergic reaction.  Once when I was on a family vacation, we were eating on top of a mountain.  I ate some of my parents’ food and had an allergic reaction.  My parents called the ski patrol and they gave me Benadryl and checked my vital signs.  Although my allergies aren’t too serious, I have to be careful to not let something like that happen.

After awhile, I got used to checking what I ate.  It made me more responsible, and let me know that I couldn’t have everything I always wanted.  On lots of our vacations if I couldn’t have the food, they would cook me something special that I liked even more.  My friends know about my allergies and look out for me when I am with them.  Also, my family doesn’t eat things I like but cannot have.

My allergies don’t bother me anymore.  All of that is true now.  Most importantly, my allergies made me realize that I am different and special in many more ways than just that.  No one is exactly like someone else.  That is what makes us who we are.  Having a difference is a good thing, and everyone has at least one.  Differences make you special.  So, if you have something that sets you apart from others, remember that “different” and “special” go hand in hand.

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