What It Means to Have Epilepsy By Catherine Lees (Age 9)

IMG_0555-2Hello this is Catherine Lees and I am going to tell you what is different about me.

There is this syndrome called Epilepsy and that is what I have. Epilepsy is when you blank out for a certain amount of time then you just go back to what you were just doing. You do not remember what happened, you just go along with it. What happens is that the back part of my brain stops working and then it starts to work again. When that happens, that is called a seizure. A used to have about 400 to 600 seizures a day! That’s a lot right? Most of them happened at night when I was asleep. When I’m asleep I can’t control them.

CatherineLees4So, when I found out I had to stay at the hospital overnight I was sad, but then I realized that there was not any reason to be sad because my mom or dad could stay with me! So, when you might have to stay overnight at a hospital don’t be sad at all! The hospital had great doctors. My doctor was very nice. He is an epilepsy specialist. How they knew I had 400 to 600 seizures a day was because the doctors put special wires on my head. There was this machine that connected to a computer that told me when I had one seizure.

I had to stay in the hospital for I think five full days and all I did was sit in my bed and sleep—isn’t that really boring?

CatherineLees3Thank you all for listening to my Don’t Hide It Flaunt It story about what makes me different.

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